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Nowadays, we are all aware that some systems can predict our actions, needs or even our feelings. That makes me believe we are living a new era, where computers and humans share knowledge and complement each other to answer unresolved questions and improve the way things are being done.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the programming of computation to perform operations of human intelligence. Its use in the systems allows us to develop software that complement our capabilities, our memory and even our senses. Using those capabilities, systems will provide us a completely new level of knowledge.

In order to start using those advantages, we need to stop thinking of developing standard expert systems, and start bringing some kind of intelligence to them.

Why should we do that? I think it is clear. We are living times where business interests change all the time, and software must be prepared to adapt. Intelligent systems are prepared for fulfill those expectations, being extremely flexible. Their behavior is not specified in the code, they learn from our actions, the environment and all the input data that they receive. Once they have enough data, they can be better than humans when it comes to data analysis, pattern recognition and even predicting problems. There are many fields already taking advantage of the power of it, voice assistants such us Siri or Google Now can help us in different situations and learn from our actions to give us accurate answers. Chatbots used to automatically answer our questions on Social Networks are another example of it.

Keeping that in mind, it is time to start thinking how can we transform our systems to benefit from all those possibilities and take advantage of all its potencial.  In the future, there might be those intelligent systems who will tell us if we have followed the right path.